rJay Photography


Jay started his photography career in the late 1970's. A recent college graduate he took a job at Japan Camera Centre in Toronto. The late Mr. John Asa, co owner of Japan Camera, took a personal interest in Jay and began to mentor him in business and photography. Jay’s first camera was a fully manual Ricoh 35mm SLR. The use of a 35mm manual film camera teaches the basics of photography quickly. In the photography business surrounded by other photographers Jay learnt a great deal and caught the photo bug.

Throughout his entire career he has been involved in photography and cameras: from film to video production, industrial cameras, medical cameras and most recently, security and IP cameras. In the 1980’s, his journey has led him to work with the likes of SCTV and screen star John Candy, jazz performer Moe Kaufman and music composer Haygood Hardy. During his employment at Panasonic in the 1990’s, Jay traveled to Osaka, Japan as part of an international design group to work on the design of a robotic cameras used to guide smart welding robots.  Today with ten's of thousands of photos taken,  Jay is doing freelance photography and is a photographer for a local newspaper and runs a successful technology business working with cameras and imaging. 

Jay has been inspirited by famous photographers like Diane Arbus, Yousuf Karsh and Alfred Stieglitz.

In the digital photo world technology has changed photography and made it easier and more productive. But good photographic techniques never change.